There has been an ongoing debate regarding whether desktop gaming is better than console gaming and both the fans have been coming up with valid points to support their case. In the gaming world this is considered one of the most conflicting issue that has been arising for the past few decades and both the enthusiasts seem not to give up any time supporting their choice. Most experienced gamers who have either taken part in an international tournaments or have a reputable profile over the online community know this fact that both these options have their own pros and cons which can depend from one person to another. There are still many reasons why you can easily get convinced to go for PC gaming instead of buying a console.

While Xbox and PlayStation fans seem to be hyped up about the latest launches by the developers, they still sometimes feel left behind because of the versatility and customization offered to the PC gamers. Believe it or not, but most gaming computers are much expensive compared to latest consoles because of the fact that they offer high graphics and more stable frame rate. If a smoother gameplay is your main priority, then you should definitely consider about buying custom gaming PCs in Edinburgh.

When it comes to online stores, there is no replacement of Steam platform which is considered the best place for gamers to buy new games or add accessories and features to their current game. It is updated on daily basis and the discount offers are highly cost effective as if you are lucky you can sometimes even buy a particular game for half the price. For best custom computers, make sure to visit the website of PC Doctor to get detailed information.