Usually when people talk about living options, they only mention apartments and houses, condos are rarely the first thing that enter our minds, this is mainly because a lot of people believe that condos and apartments are the same thing. Regardless, of the mix up, you are probably living in an apartment right now and you are considering moving somewhere else because while apartments are nice, they are essentially money down the drain since they are basically temporary property ownership that is only yours till your lease expires. So, if you are looking for permanent property ownership, you should opt for a condo.

  • Condos like mentioned before, can be bought. So, once the payment is complete, you will have permanent ownership of that apartment for the rest of your life, which is a good investment. You can choose to live in the same condo, or sell it later on, and in some cases, if your condominium allows it, rent it out to someone else and have the rent become a means of secondary income.
  • Condos are also a good option because it means you get to live closer or within the city. So, everything is a lot closer to you when you live in a condo, this includes your place of work, restaurants, markets etc.
  • Condos are very luxurious and they are designed beautifully, this includes both the exterior and the interior.
  • You are also provided with additional amenities like a swimming pool, a fitness center, parking, a concierge etc. different condominiums will offer different amenities, so you need to find out what they offer before you sign for registration.

There are a number of condominium projects being launched annually, in fact you should check out ELGIN EAST CONDOS & TOWNS since they are currently open for bookings and registrations.