If you think about it, mystery novels must be really hard to write because it involves events that generally do not take place in a common person’s life which means that the authors who write mystery novels must have serious imagination that allows them to write such difficult and interesting novels.

Another interesting thing about mystery novels is the plot which involves twists and turns, traps and surprises that seem so real that it is hard to believe that it all did not happen in real life and someone thought it up. We have a lot of respect for mystery novel authors as it is quite a unique genre that can be difficult to write for ordinary authors but history has shown us that there are amazing authors who have given us mystery masterpieces for which we are thankful.

Talking about masterpieces, there is a masterpiece known as Jack Reacher and it is not a stand alone novel but it is a series that comprises of a lot of novels so if you are a fan of series then you are in a sweet ride as the author seems adamant on writing more novels in the future. The question that arises here is that who is Jack Reacher? The Jack Reacher novels star the said character who is the main role of the novel and he belong to the military for some reasons of his own and now lives the life of a nomad by traveling here and there. The novel discovers why he travels, what happened in his life and what he faces in each of his travel. In every novel, there is a new story where Jack helps someone who is in distress, catches the bad guy and moves on to another place.