If you run a business or if you are thinking of beginning a startup company then you will need to have some form of option for cash less payments. As the world has moved ahead, not using a credit card machine or not having a smart card machine can ruin your business. People do not like holding on to money anymore and having a notebook with the day’s sales and a cash register can no longer work in the modern world.

Having a set up point of sales is very important for your company to be able to survive in this world. Being able to let clients and customers pay without having to directly hand in cash will be great for grabbing new customers and attracting them to your idea. People will always want convenience over everything else and having the option to swipe a card for your service or product will make them happier.

You will want to focus on the type of paper that you use as well. Simply using a printer paper and printer ink to roll out the receipts from the point of sales machine for the customer can be problematic and can end up costing you a lot more in the long run. The problem with ink printers is that the ink can leave behind a few smudges and that can be very problematic. In a lot of places it is illegal to give out receipts where information has been covered up or where the client cannot make out what is written properly. This is why it is suggested that any person starting a company use thermal Eftpos paper rolls and a thermal printer for all their point of sales use. This will ensure that you are on the legal side of things and that customers are happy.