Are you lucky enough to have twins? Or are both of your babies young and you are a single parent? Whatever maybe the case, you can always buy the twin buggy for your kids. This buggy has 2 chairs attached to it so that you can push both of your babies at once. These are not significantly larger than the single one. They are specially designed to use less space and making the maneuvering easier than ever. They are light weight and can house 2 children at one time. You can check out how they look like at

Parents with twin children or children with little age gap have a huge task when going out. Instead of using 2 different prams, they can opt to use just one. They have the same features as the regular ones, like they can be folded just the same way, they are lightweight and sturdy as well. If you want to buy a twin buggy, then the first thing you should look for is that it should be lightweight. Because the problem is that most of the twin buggies are really heavy and they are at times really impractical to use. But if it is light, like it is lighter than the combined weight of two different prams then it is wise to buy it.

But make sure that the lightweight material isn’t weak as it should be durable as well. Since it will carry your 2 children, make sure to check if it can withstand the weight of them. Other than that, it should be easily movable as another problem with twin buggies is that it is difficult to turn. But don’t worry about all these things, because if you buy them from Kinder Buggy Test, then you should easily be free of all those concerns.