Steel toed boots are not just shoes; they’re very personal tools that you need in your daily work routine. These work boots have been worn by workmen and enthusiasts alike for years and years because of the level of protection they provide your feet. Obviously, nothing can protect your toes from accidentally being crushed under heavy weight better than a steel caps over the toes.

However, when it comes to buying steel toed boots, you have to consider the level of comfort they provide you just as much as how god they are at protecting your feet from weights and sharp objects. If your steel toed boots aren’t the best quality, they can be unbearably uncomfortable and can really hurt the bones of your feet. This is why you should do a little research on what makers make the best kind of steel toe boots for the kind of work you do; for example, caterpillar work boots are perfect for oil field work since they’re very comfortable and can be worn for long hours. They also have really great grip, which makes them very viable when working on potentially slippery surfaces like oil rigs. As great as they are, caterpillars aren’t necessarily the only good option of comfortable steel toe boots out there.

Like we said earlier, you really have to dig into the best boots available out there and think about them in terms of how helpful they can be for your job in addition to being comfortable and protective – look for practicality as well. It’s also important to note that even the best and most comfortable steel toe boots need to be broken into for them to be the most comfortable they can be. You can either let time and usage help you break into them or use a mechanical steel toe boot stretcher to do the job faster.