Bathrooms are a big deal, considering how much of a day’s time we spend in them. A good bathroom needs to be functional so it serves all your bathroom needs but it also needs to be pleasant looking so you can relax when you’re in your private space. These two factors are what give a bathroom its value but there’s one more thing that a bathroom needs to be – it should be easy to clean as well!

How good or bad your bathroom is depends on the kind of fittings you chose for it. Your sink is definitely one of the most important of your bathroom fittings and therefore you should be really careful while choosing one. You’re going to be washing your hands, your face and brushing your teeth over it every day so your sink should be able to make your usage experience all the better. When it comes to great looking and functional sinks, it’s always a safe bet to go with glass sink bowls instead of traditional ceramic ones. Here are some benefits the best glass bowl sink can bring to your bathroom.

Very Good to Look at

These come in so many designs and colours that it’s crazy; no matter what the theme of your bathroom is, a glass bowl sink can make your bathroom look spectacular.

Very Easy to Clean

Glass surfaces don’t trap debris and dirt, which is why glass bowl sinks are very easy to wipe clean. A clean bathroom is a happy bathroom, after all.

No Odour or Stains

Ceramic sinks can start gathering stains and smell bad after a few years of constant use but you never come across this with the best glass bowl sink because it’s surface doesn’t retain any dirt or bacteria that can cause bad smells.