We should be thankful to the technology these days as it produces so many things that make our lives easy and one of those products is LED nail lamp. The people who do not get their manicures done at a salon might not know about it because it is mostly seen in salons.

It is used to harden a gel nail polish; what happens is that after the application of the nail polish, the individual places her nails inside the LED lamp device for a few seconds and it hardens just like that. You can easily gather more information about LED lamps here http://beautycinch.com/best-led-nail-lamp-market/.

Useful Advice

Before we move on to the drawback, we would like to mention here that even though the invention of a nail lamp is a pretty good thing, it still emits UV rays which are extremely harmful to the skin. Many people counter argue that there are many sources of UV rays present in the environment but does it make it okay to add another source? LED nail lamps are great but it is not necessary because it is not necessary to apply gel nail polish. Still if you do not mind the dangerous exposure to UV rays then we would suggest that you take some precautions like put on UV protection gloves, apply sunscreen on your hands etc.

Drawback of LED Nail Lamps

The only drawback that is associated with LED nail lamps is that it only treats gel nail polish that are specifically made for LED nail lamps and not the other ones which puts a limitation on the usage. What you can do is buy different brands of LED gel nail polish so that you have a large collection and you can select any that you want.