Your passwords are the only way you can be identified on the internet; the site you’re logging in to certainly can’t see your face but it can recognise the password you set with them since this is a thing that only you know. Take a moment and think about all the things you’re logged into at the time you’re reading this. You’re probably logged into your social profiles like Facebook and Instagram? What about your mobile phone and/or your laptop?

With all the passwords we use to log into various parts of our lives, it makes a lot of sense to have some kind of a means to manage all these passwords so you never forget them. After all, there might be some things that you’ve subscribed to but you don’t log into them daily so it’s easy to forget your passwords for them. What some people like to do is to use the same password on everything just so it’s easier to remember, which might be the case but if someone finds out what that one password is, a lot can be compromised.

Now there’s no way you’d want someone to have access to all your sensitive private data and even your online identity, so why risk compromising your passwords? The best way to manage passwords is to have them all written down somewhere where only you can find them. Maybe it’s not a good idea to scribble them all on a single piece of paper either since this will end in the same way as someone finding out your one password for everything. A better way to keep track of your passwords is through hints or other things that only you can make sense of.