If you spend any amount of time in your office, you’ll eventually come to realize how important it is just to have a comfortable place to sit while your sort through your workload and get started for the day. An ergonomic desk chair ensures that your mood stays lifted with your spirits high, making sure you’re in fit physical and mental health to get through a day spent in the office. Preventing muscle sores and pains, you won’t even notice the day fly by when you manage to speed through your work without realizing how long you may have spent in a comfortable chair.

But for smaller offices like a home office, we don’t want something overly luxurious or expensive. We just want some place to have a comfortable sitting position ensuring that our joints are all upright and in a relaxed position while we shuffle through papers and other tasks that we have to do. But if that’s possible on a budget is something we have to see. Looking for the best desk chairs under 200 is entirely viable however and all you need to do is have a bit of know-how research on the things to look out for on the market.

Adjustable height and recline are definitely essential, you can’t take home a piece of furniture like a chair to later find out you can’t adjust it to suit the layout of your work space. It could be too far reclined back or forward or the height is to low your head matches the height of the desk. These kinds of things are unacceptable when looking for a comfortable place to sit and are some of the things a great budget chair is going to take care of for you so you don’t have to worry about it later.