A lot of people these days have a life going on that is very fast paced, compared to the older times. People do not usually stop to think about the moment anymore and see how their actions are affecting other things around them.

When it comes to keeping a neat house, some people can be very meticulous. However, not everyone is that way. A lot of people just do not care much about what they do, or at least how they give it a finishing touch. So when it comes to folding clothes properly, this is all that you are losing if you do not do it properly:

Sanctity of Time

Time I something everyone is running short of, these days. If you set your alarm just nicely to eat breakfast, take a shower and get ready every day before classes or work but are still late, chances are you cannot find where the clothes are that you want to wear, due to an unfolded messy closet.

What It Says About You

Leaving your house in such a mess says a lot about the kind of person you are. It shows that you are very un-organized and it also reflects in your other parts of life. So if someone were to come over to your place, they could easily pass a judgment.

Unannounced Guests

Someone coming over brings me to unannounced guests or any romantic partner you bring back one night. If they see the way you live when no one is there, they can have a lot of assumptions about you.

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