The All Saints College is an institute that is about 4 decades ago. This education provider caters for children of all ages who are in need of education, up until the youth of year 12, about to enter their practical life with the important sets of skills that they learn in this institution.

The College has several clubs and societies as part of their community to create a conducive environment, as part of the learning process. From a performing arts club to sports such as swimming, parents’ and friend’s club and even different music clubs. There is also a chapel for the students, for example the Anglican background, to freely practice their faith when they are in college bounds.

School: 1

For the junior years of the school, the College is very focused on helping kids with the ability to learn calmness and precision by having a lot of involvement of musical instruments in the hands of the children. Other than education, the interaction also conveys through the current technology.

School: 2

The senior school has this special technique of teaching called the Outdoor Learning Program. This is where the youth learns to develop realistic skills that can be used outside school in their everyday lives and will be very imperative for them when they enter a degree, any other form of tertiary education, and even when they want to get jobs or do their own business. The seniors learn how to interact properly with others and build their socialization skills, how to respect others who have differences in opinions, work in a team, discovering who their self is, and building them as a person for the outside life. The All Saints College Perth is a place for people with all levels of skills.