There are so many debates about the effects of health supplements that it can be difficult to form a personal opinion. Since the time the first health supplement was invented, the debate started and it has not ended yet and may never end. There are some health supplements like minerals and vitamins that surely always work but some types of supplements have a reputation of not always working and sometimes even having adverse effect.

If you wish to know our opinion, we would say that organic and genuine health supplements like whey, amino acids etc. really do work but even they can have negative effects if they are not taken in the right amount. According to medical reports, there is no harm in buying bodybuilding supplements Dubai as long as the dosage, workout regime, diet and lifestyle of the individual is right. If there are genuine products then how come there are reports that health supplements sometimes tend to have negative effects on the user? We are going to answer some of these queries and educate our readers.

Scam Companies

Often clients fall for scam companies and buy fake products which either produce no effect or produce negative side effects which is why we always emphasize to buy products from only trusted places like the site called Dubonic as such places are known to sell genuine supplements only.

Wrong Dosage

There are so many cases of people developing side effects even from genuine products and that mostly happens because they do not follow the right dosage i.e. they take way more than they should. The dosage of supplements should be according to the individual’s body, lifestyle, goal and workout routine. Often people are allergic to some ingredients so they should research carefully before purchasing.