There is absolutely no doubt that there are a few really good websites which prove to be really helpful if you are looking for information regarding visa and immigration, but bear in mind that immigration laws are complex and detailed and there is always a chance that the information provided might be outdated or incomplete, people solely depending on such websites might not have the most smooth immigration or visa process, and that is why you should only trust the most reputable and recognized websites which have the credibility and have the right affiliations, when it comes to visa and immigration information you would not want to take any chances on the reliability of information.

There are different reasons why people shift from one country to another, students would take an admission into a college or university and get a visa for that duration, but investors who would like to setup their business in a particular country do not face such visa duration issues, their visa may or may not be rejected but the duration restrictions are much relaxed on them plus they have the option of immigration as well, investors from all over the world head to US and those coming in through the EB-5 immigrant visa program are in majority, the minimum amount details and other rules and regulations are strict and you have to follow these no matter what if you are to stand any chance of obtaining the visa, so make sure you get the work done through the most reliable of options and get in touch with a trusted regional center at, investing alone may not be the most feasible option for you but having these regional centers with you enable you to become part of a pool investment.