Arcade is a place a lot of people spend their childhood at. However, not everyone wants to keep it limited to their childhood, and why should you? I still love going to the arcade and enjoying all those cool and sometimes very vintage video games!

So, if you really love it, why not get one in your house? I know it sounds crazy, but it is worth it… trust me! People might say that men never grow up, but we are all children at our innocent hearts! So, if you have some free space in your house and you are not sure what to do with it, why not fill it up with some good old arcade set?

Basket Ball

Whether you love playing the ball out on the court with your friends or going out to the arcades and playing it over there, b. ball is something that has its love safe in people’s heart that cannot be taken out! You can now have one of those basketball arcade game stations in your own house! It is also a physical activity at the same time, so one can ask you to go out to do something! You can even invite your buddies over to shoot some hoops, and maybe have some competitions, beer games or anything else built on that!

Video Gaming

The arcade games are not only limited to the basketball ones, but you can also get the video gaming ones. Whether it is bricks, packman, super Mario, sonic, or whatever kind of video game, you can play it all on these booths! Forget about going to the arcades and have one stationed in your house, so you do not have to spend on all different games, and just get one with like 300 built in one!