Canada is perhaps one of the most developed countries out there, meaning that it has a number of thriving cities that have so much to offer. Because of this fact, Canada has become a prime area for every condo developer out there, over the last few years there has been a huge surge in the amount of condominium projects being developed there, the reason behind this being that Canada’s cities are drawing in a lot of people from everywhere and the demand for decent and practical living space has never been higher.

Condos are aplenty in Canada and the market will soon start becoming stale, there are already several condo projects in the making that offer the same kinds of amenities and living opportunities as one another, the only thing that sets them apart is their locations and facades. However, there is one project that is going to stand out from the rest, the Lumina Condos By Elad Canada, an upcoming condo project that is going to offer a very unique and very grand condo life experience in North York.

What sets Lumina Condos apart from the rest is the fact that it is going to be the final condo in Elad’s grandiose master-planned Emerald city community. Emerald city is located near North York’s 401 and 404 highways and is basically a collection of fantastic condos forming a small community area. Emerald city is said to have around 8000 total living areas and is a haven for anyone wanting to live in the city without having to deal with its noise and rush. Lumina condos is about to enter its construction phase and has its website where you can go to register yourself and learn more about the project and it’s pricing.